YTU International Relations

YTU International Relations


It has been restructured in July 2017 and now consists of five units: Erasmus+ Program Unit, Farabi Exchange Unit, Mevlana Exchange Unit, International Cooperations and Joint Programs Unit and International Student Unit. We coordinate student exchange mobility as well as staff exchange programs. Our responsibility also entitles initiating collaborative and international protocols, agreements and events at both academic and administrative level.


Key tasks of YTU International Relations include: 


   -promoting the YTU brand name internationally

   -raising the global awareness of YTU students and staff

   -the initiation, preparation and evaluation of agreements with international partner universities

   -the administration and promotion of Erasmus+, Farabi and Mevlana Programmes

   -the administration and recruitment of International Exchange Students and Free Mover Students

   -the administration and promotion of staff mobility

   -international visits

   -contacts with international organisations, embassies and partner universities

   -the administration and recruitment of international students who would study full-time at YTU


In line with these tasks, YTU International Relations has sustainable and feasible internationalization strategy against global competition in higher education.


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