Mevlana Exchange Program


Domestic universities and foreign universities can be made between the student and staff exchange

Regulation, "home education with higher education institutions providing higher education institutions offering education abroad, student and faculty exchange program between the procedures and principles regarding the functioning of the" organizing. 

Regulation, institutions of higher education abroad, "abroad, through bilateral or multilateral international agreements established and / or subject to the legislation of the host country as higher education and training that universities, academies, colleges, institutes of technology and other higher education institutions", the domestic institutions of higher education in the "2547 subject to the law of that education and training institutes, universities and high technology vocational schools with the foundation "as defined. 

Domestic institutions of higher education, overseas education and Higher Education institutions of higher education recognized by the diploma equivalencies with the Mevlana Exchange Program to sign the Protocol. 

Mevlana Exchange Program under the student exchange programs, students enrolled in higher education institutions to participate in formal education. Change, a part of higher education students enrolled at the Mevlana Exchange Protocol, a party to pursue a higher education institution to another, which includes training. At least one period of the exchange of students, including a maximum of two semesters. Semester account, taking into account the educational system can be changed. However, the change in total exceed a period of one academic year. 

Mevlana Exchange Program, open from the outside, the common or not benefit students enrolled in distance education-training. Undergraduate and graduate programs with the preparation and the preparation and first-graders graduate and doctoral students in the preparatory stages, mainly for training of the first semester of this program.


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