Farabi Exchange Program What is it?

In short, "Farabi Exchange Program referred to as" Student and Faculty Member Exchange Programme between Higher Education Institutions, colleges and universities, institutes of technology within the associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral level education student and faculty exchange program between the higher education institutions.

Farabi Exchange Program, students or faculty members except for one or two semesters at his own institution of higher education and training institutions, aims to continue its activities.

Farabi Exchange Program for the implementation of policies, regulations and determined in detail by the Principles and Procedures.


Farabi (871-950)

Farab in Turkistan was born in 871. Bukhara, Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, Harran and Aleppo important science centers in traveling the time. Philosophy, mathematics, logic, wrote works in the field of political science and music. Teacher-i Once upon a field of philosophy in the Islamic world (First Teacher) in comparison with the so-called Aristotle has a great reputation and Teacher-i-Sani (Secondary Teacher) are referred to as. In the Western world as "Alpharabius" will be recognized. He died in Damascus in 950.


Web page of more informaiton for Farabi Program and Farabi office contact info: www.farabi.yildiz.edu.tr/