Davutpaşa Settlement Unit in the Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry, wide possibilities of education, training and research carries out its activities. Department, 41 faculty members, one expert, about 30 research assistants, and 3 are responsible for the administrative and technical staff.


The purpose of Chemistry, Turkey to the chemical industry, production, and quality control will work to educate chemists. Education, after the preparatory year theoretical courses in a foreign language, laboratory practices and includes laboratory and business internships. Students can pursue courses of training in the last year will receive more specific information divided into several sub-disciplines.

Chemists, who are required by the country's most industrialized. Working areas are quite broad. Petroleum products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints, food, metal, paper, plastics, cleaning agents, cosmetics, textiles directly to fields such as machinery, mine is nothing like the branches of chemistry or indirectly, chemists find work in all areas of this business.

Chemists in industry for quality control, manufacturing and R & D (research and development) can be assigned to three main section. In general, if it complies with certain standards of quality control of the product was produced in the control, R & D means that the new product design and development of existing products. Depending on where they work Chemists chemical engineers, pharmacists, laborantlarla are in constant communication.

In addition, chemists, master's and doctoral studies as they can be served by a high level of research laboratories, universities can pursue an academic career.